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My Philosophy

A creative medium is merely a conduit between the creator and the viewer. As an artist, it is your duty to distill your essence into your craft. "There are always two people in every picture: the photographer and the viewer." ~Ansel Adams

Fremont Tour

Project Description

Fremont, like they say on their website, “will take you from an eclectic dining experience into elevated nightlife.” Located in River North, you can start with dinner on the main level, then go up to the impressive second level that has two bars, a stage, an open view to the bar below and a retractable ceiling. When the ceiling is open on a warm summer evening, the experience is spot on! I’ve shot a few private events in the space and it’s a perfect set up for such soirees. And, did I mention the retractable ceiling?? Well, it’s worth mentioning twice because it’s so cool. ┬áIt’s the only glass ceiling that I give my 100% approval!

Main Level

Glass Ceiling Upstairs

Here’s another view of the ceiling and one of the bars (this was shot in the dead of winter, so it was too cold to open the ceiling).