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A creative medium is merely a conduit between the creator and the viewer. As an artist, it is your duty to distill your essence into your craft. "There are always two people in every picture: the photographer and the viewer." ~Ansel Adams

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Looking To Enhance Your Business’ Virtual Tour?

The Google virtual tours appear as is on Google properties, but if you’re looking to tell your story further, it’s possible for tours that you embed directly into your website, blog or Facebook business page.

Here are some of the features available. Contact me to learn more!

Allow your visitors to quickly and easily navigate through your tour with a dropdown menu of the key areas of your business. One click and they’re right where you want them.

Create windows within the interface of your tour that explain elements of your business.
These windows can include text, extra still photos, links to merchandise, ticketing or reservations pages, and even videos!

Track¬†how many people visit your embedded tour on any given day and see what country they’re from.

Set your tour to automatically rotate to make it easier for your viewers to see how lovely your business is.

Embed the enhanced tours into your website, blog or Facebook business page.

Enhancements are constantly being developed, so there’s always more coming soon….