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The Jewelers Center Tour

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Located at 5 South Wabash on the historic Jewelers Row in Downtown Chicago…The Jewelers Center serves as a hub for all things jewelry. There are over 180 talented jewelers and jewelry related businesses under one roof. Whether you’re a collector of jewelry, a designer of jewelry, or love to give the gift of jewelry, there is something for you in The Jewelers Center. There are diamond dealers, watch repairmen, engravers, casting houses, designers, jewelry supply stores…if it has something to do with jewelry, you can find it in this building.

Built in 1921 and originally called The Mallers Building (after the architect who designed it), this building is totally old school Chicago with marble walls, beautiful wood accents, uniquely engraved deco style elevator doors – up until fairly recently, they even had an old school elevator operator. While the feeling of the building retains the charm of days gone by, and many of the jewelers who run their businesses inside practice time tested methods of jewelry making, there’s plenty of extraordinarily modern work being done as well. Many jewelers provide time saving design services that utilize Computer Aided Design (CAD) and 3D printers to create pieces for their clients.
This building is a treasure and if you mention it to anyone who has lived in Chicago for any amount of time, you’ll be guaranteed to hear tales of generations of engagement rings being purchased here.

If you want to check out some of the jewelers in the building, here are some of the tours I’ve shot:
Ethan Lord
Diamonds Inc